Betrayal, Anger, Forgiveness

It has been almost 6 months since I last posted, dang! Where have I been? Well, a lot has been going on.  Between job struggles, I have moved into my own place outside of my parents for the first time, aside from my new place, we can talk about the job struggles which have been draining me spiritually and emotionally. The career I thought I was meant for did not turn out and ended up in a disaster, this was from last summer… I was then employed by my former employer once again and was given a promotion into front end management shortly after! This promotion was short lived, I lost my spot due to a grievance to the union. Overall my job performance was spectacular, but the person whom I beat out for the job was upset that I won it over her and she stole my spot by grieving to the union and she won due to a technicality of union contracts. When I lost my position, I lost my full time status as well.

Even though I met all qualifications and she did not, the union gave her my job…This was the straw that broke my back emotionally and spiritually. It is not the fact that I lost my position but how I lost it. The person who stole my position acted like my friend, was nice to me and knew I was getting engaged soon and that I was relying on the position I was in for a steady source of income. Then the person who I thought was my friend stabbed me in the back, just because she could, betrayal is what I felt… a week later management suspended her due to job performance and I still lose my position and full time, go figure…

As I sit here stewing in my anger, my self-pity, I have lost sight of what is important; which is God. I think the situation I am in, in my life might be God teaching me something. Jesus said in John 13:7 You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand. 

I may not understand right now why God is putting me through these trials but in due time I will understand. Maybe God is teaching me to be happy in my current situation? Maybe he is teaching how to forgive, so I do not hold a grudge? Maybe he is refocusing my attention onto him? Or a combination of all above.

It won’t be easy from this point, but at this point I will pray and try my hardest to forgive and to move on and be happy in my current situation and to stop relying on myself in terms of income, but to rely on God to provide the hours and income that I need.

I do know God has placed amazing Managers above me who are willing to work with me, and I need to trust Gods plan and not my own.

On the bright side I am engaged to be married, the wedding is June 1st!





Essential Oils For Sleep

What Essential Oils help with sleep?

This is a question as a seller of Essential Oils that I am asked often and it is a very well thought out question as many people do not sleep well at night. When I first started using Essential Oils, I had always struggled with sleep. I would wake up groggy in the morning as I could never get a full nights rest. I would toss and turn at night and my mind would never be at ease. May I add I would put toxic sleeping pills in my system to only form a habit that the box said “non habit-forming”. If I was sleeping well throughout the night, I could never quickly fall asleep. So, this begged the question for me, What Essential Oils would help me sleep and also how would I use them?

What Essential Oils did I use to help me sleep?

Lavender, Stress Away, Peace and Calming are all great Essential Oils to help you sleep. If you are using pure quality Essential Oils, not some oil you find on the shelf at Wal-Mart but a pure oil from a reputable source such as YoungLiving will help you sleep well at night. Lavender is a natural sedative…well lavender is good for just about anything, it is the Swiss army knife of Essential Oils. Stress Away just soothes you and peace and Calming helps when thoughts will not leave your head…but the number one Essential Oil for sleep is Lavender.

Lavender Essential Oil Uses

Lavender is an anti-fungal, antimicrobial, and sedative to just name a few properties of the hundred it has. This is oil that can knock you out at night when you are having trouble sleeping. The question though is how do I use it?

Using Lavender Essential Oil

I have three uses for it to help with sleep. I will put 5-8 drops into a 20-30 oz spray bottle of water and lightly spray my bed comforters. You can also put 3-4 drops onto the bottom of your feet and your wrists, but what works the best is to diffuse it. With your YoungLiving diffuser, I will take 4-5 drops and diffuse it next to my bed for a good nights sleep.

Stress Away Essential Oil

This is one of my favorite oils. It has a vanilla smell to it and is actually a mix of several Essential oils. It is a blend of Copaiba, Lime, Cedar Wood, Ocotea, Lavender, and Vanilla. When Lavender is not in my hands for sleep, then this is. It is a powerful blend. For this oil I will usually smell it from the bottle and diffuse it. You can apply it topically, but why when it smells so good in a YoungLiving Diffuser. Anyways this Essential Oil will help you distress after a long day and help you have restful sleep.

Peace and Calming Essential Oil

This is my third choice of an Essential Oil for sleep and is another blend of Essential oils. It contains Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Blue Tansy. I will apply this under my nose, back of my neck and my feet and as always I will always diffuse this Essential Oil as well. When you need a little calming and are angry about a situation in life and can not sleep, or your mind is racing a thousand miles per hour, this is the oil for you.

Welp, that’s a rap.

That is it guys, short and sweet to the point. If you want to know how to sleep well at night I recommend using Young Living Essential Oils and the oils above are the oils I would use for a nice restful sleep.

Essential Oils are a great step in your life to take to live a healthy toxic free life. God has given us one life and one body and it is up to us take to care of it.

Click here and it will take you to the site where you can purchase Lavender, Peace and Calming and Stress Away plus a diffuser and much more to help you in your life.

If you have any questions about Essential Oils, getting your own Essential Oils or would just like to talk, please leave me a comment and we can talk! God bless.

Best brand of Essential Oils

What brand of Essential Oils is the best?

This is one of the most important questions you can ever ask. There is no agency that dictates what companies can put in Essential oils and still claim they are 100 percent pure. With that being said, the only brand of Essential Oils that I trust in my house is Young Living Essential Oils. Young Living Essential Oils have been in business for over 20 years and they independently own their own farms. With Young Livings reputation over the years and transparency, it is safe to conclude that Young Living Essential Oils are 100 percent pure with no chemicals, no fillers, and no additives. Young Living Essential Oils has an open door policy meaning they allow people to visit their farms which says a lot about the company. It tells me that what they say about how they make their oils is true. Also, I know their Essential Oils are pure because of their seed to seal promise. Young Living Essential Oils are a leader in the business and for good reason. For each Essential Oil you use, that is one less chemical you are using in your life and is a step closer to healthy living.

Seed to Seal Promise

They Start with superior Seeds!

They Cultivate the plants to meet the rigorous standards that only Young Living has! Young Living oils are weeded by hand which is much better than organic standards!

Proprietary distillation process.  There is none other like it in the world.

Essential oils are tested in the field, right after the plants are harvested.  No one else tests oils right on the location where they are being distilled.  Young Living identifies the right time of the harvest and the right time for the distillation.  100’s of tests are run to determine they are the highest quality of essential oils in the world.

Essential oils will only touch stainless steel or glass before they are bottled.  Only 100% essential oils are bottled.

Essential Oils are trending

Let’s face it, Essential Oils are trending and are becoming more popular day after day. Everywhere you turn, you see someone posting it on facebook or you smell it on the lady in the grocery store. Essential oils are becoming more popular but many people do not understand what Essential oils are and what they do. Whenever I bring up the topic of Essential oils to someone I will get 2 responses. I am either told that they are a nice “perfume” (yes they smell good, but are not perfumes) or I am asked, what are they as they have no clue what the rave is all about. With Essential oils trending it leaves us the question, what are Essential oils?

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are found in plants. They are what give the plant its characteristic smell and contain the health benefits of the plant from which it was extracted. When used correctly, essential oils bring a wide range of health benefits. For example; Wintergreen is not as common as some other essential oils, but Wintergreen is very effective when it comes to treating headaches, menstrual cramps, nerve pain, and arthritis. This oil has many of the same pain-relieving compounds as aspirin. Essential Oils are the lifeblood of plant and protect and heal the plant when the plant is damaged.

So how do I buy pure quality Essential Oils?

To start a healthy Journey click here and purchase your very own premium starter kit! What comes with it? It comes with so many different things! Books about the oils, a diffuser, 11 5ml bottles of oils, sample bottles to put the oils in, a rollerball, and few samples of different oils. I have been using Essential Oils from the best brand in the business for quite some time now and I assure you, they work and keep you healthy. Also after signing up, I will keep in contact with you to help assure that the oils are working for you and to also help teach you different things you can use your essential oils for.

If you have any questions be sure to ask me and feel free to contact me via the comment sections or my contact page on this website. Essential oils are trending up every day simply because they work and it is my goal to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Start your Essential Oils Journey here!


Why does God not hear my prayers

Why does God not hear my prayers? Why has God shut me out and where is he; all seems lost? This is a question that always pops into my head when I am going through a hard time. Ill question myself, has God forsaken me? Through my Christian journey, there are 2 possibilities of why it seems as if God has not heard my prayers. It is either because I do not have a repentant heart or God is allowing the situation I am in to mold me into his image. Let’s take a look at the heart of the issue, sin.

Most of the time when it feels as if God is not hearing my prayer, it is when my heart is not set on God. It is as if God has become my personal genie and I have only called upon him when I want something. Or it could be I am living in waist-deep sin and the sin is causing God to not hear my cry. It seems when we are waist deep in sin, the only prayer God is going to hear is the prayer of a heart that is seeking forgiveness.

2 Chronicles 7:14 (ESV)

14 if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

Turn from your sin, then God will listen to you.

What about that pesky thing called a test? Yes, God will allow life to test us! Why though? God knows that when hardships approach us, it teaches us and it causes us to rely on our savior. Life is not rose-colored glasses and God will allow things in life to cause us to lean on him! Read the book of Job. Job had everything taken away from him but he persevered and became closer to God and even got his own book in the bible. Let God mold you through the fire. God will hear your prayers, just have a repentant heart and know that God is sovereign.

Next time you question, why does God not hear my prayers check your heart. Are you living in waist-deep sin? Yes, then repent and turn to God then he will hear you.

Is God testing you? then endure until the end.

Remember that through your life, God is still God and you are still his child and a good God will take care of his children.

“Call on me in prayer and I will answer you. I will show you great and mysterious things which you still do not know about” Jeremiah 33:3.

But your heart also must be focused on God.

I have an oil for that!

Essential oils are trending right now and there is a reason to that. They simply work and help your overall health. A lot of people tell me they are not feeling good; their stomach is hurting or they have a headache or are feeling stressed out. Well, guess what? I have an oil for that! I have an Essential oil to help mitigate your issues and make you feel better from your stomach problem or a headache or stress, and it is not from a pill, it is from a healthy and organic Essential oil.

Whenever I have a headache my go to fix is peppermint Essential oil. The cooling sensation just takes away my headache. It also smells really good and tastes great in water! It’ll even freshen up your breath for your big date. I will also diffuse it in my room to relax my tired muscles after a long day at work. When I apply it to my body topically, at most I will use two drops and put it on the back of my neck and the temples of my head. goodbye Tylenol and hello healthy living!

What about that nasty stomach ache? Well take some DiGize Essential oil and apply it to your stomach and it will help ease your stomach pains. DiGiz is a mix of several different oils and it helps with stomach problems.

What about when your feeling stressed out? You can use Stress Away oil from Young Living which mixes several oils for a nice vanilla smell to ease your stress away. I will always diffuse this in my diffuser and add a drop of lemon as well and it calms my nerves down. Another good oil is Lavender as well.

So which brand of Essential oils do I use anyway? The only brand I trust to be 100 percent real and pure to help me live healthy is Young Living. I urge anyone to use oils over pills any day as we have a dependency on drugs and not what God has put on this earth to help us.

If you are interested in using oils please contact me at 8106834224 or drop a comment and I will be in touch with you. I am in this to help you live healthily and I highly encourage you to try oils as they do work. Everyone around me and all my friends and myself have been using oils and from personal experience, these work and are great alternatives for health benefits. A starter kit gives you all the oils you need to start off living healthy plus a wonderful diffuser and I would love to help you live healthily.

Since Essential oils are not considered a drug, these statements have not been reviewed or approved by FDA.

Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit.

So as I have said in a previous blog post that I have started using Essential Oils! I have received my starter kit about three days ago in the mail and I have been absolutely amazed by the power of the oils! I struggle with headaches and sleep and let me tell you, that these oils are already starting to change my life, no more sleeping pills and Tylenol for me 🙂


What I have been doing with my starter kit is taking the Lavender and putting a drop of it into a spray bottle and lightly spraying my blankets and then with my diffuser I put Stress Away Essential oil blend into it with Copaiba blend at bedtime. Ill tell you, this just calms and winds you down from the day and allows for such a peaceful night of sleep. This stuff works and I am excited to start living healthy!


For my headaches I will take Peppermint and Panaway oils and using 1 drop of each, I rub them on the temples of my head and back of my neck and my headache will ease itself away. These oils are changing my life and I am now using these in my daily life instead of toxic chemicals and pills. Also, may I say during these cold months peppermint is great for clearing out your runny nose or stuffed up nose? By far peppermint is my favorite as it has so many uses.


Please leave me a comment if you are interested in learning how to use Essential Oils and would like to start living healthier, and also living more biblical as I strongly believe Essential oils are very biblical as they were used in multiple instances in the bible. Comment if you want to use Essential Oils!


Also drop a comment and let me know how you use Essential oils as I love learning new ways to use this product!

God will speak to you.

God will speak to you in the most unusual ways and you will miss his voice if you are not paying attention. So many of us are praying to God for something, and yet we complain that we do not hear his voice or he is not answering us when he already has.

There is an old story about a man in a flood trapped on a roof. He trusted God will save him from drowning. As the waters continued to rise he kept his faith in God. A boat came offering to save him, the man declined saying that God will save him. Later a helicopter came by with a ladder and rope and he refused to be rescued saying God will save him. The flood waters eventually rose and the man drowned to death. When he arrived in heaven he asked God, why did you not save me or answer my payers? God replied, I sent you a boat and helicopter; you ignored my answers because I did not save you in the way you wanted me to.

We must stop looking for Gods answer in the way that we would answer it because we are not God. God will answer you in the way that he pleases and that is according to his will. Why won’t God answer the prayer in the way you want? Well do you give your children everything they want, when they want it and HOW they want it? No, and in the same way we are Gods children and he will answer you but not always how you want him to. Stop trying to find Gods answer in the way that you want him to answer, stay vigilant and keep seeking God and you will find his answer to your prayer.