You have been all the way to broken, lost all sense of where to go in life, but love is still the answer and it is never to late to be rescued.


You have been all the way to broken, lost all sense of where to go in life, but love is still the answer and it is never to late to be rescued. Pain is just an anchor that holds you down at the bottom of the sea but you can have the anchor cut free. Many of us have an anchor holding us down, but we do not even realize it. We have gotten so used to being at the bottom that it just seems normal to us. It feels as if we have no sense of where to go but we no longer care.

A lot of times we do not even know that we have an anchor tied around us dragging us to the bottomcut-the-anchor-loose or holding us back in life. Be honest with yourself. Take stock of what is going on in your life, we all have kryptonite in our lives which forms an anchor holding us back. Find out what it is and what is holding you back.

We all cope with life in different ways, but be honest, do not be scared to move and ask for help. God is always in control, ask God for help. He is the chain breaker in life, he is the one that will pick that anchor up and throw it as far as the east is from the west.

You can carry the past on your shoulders or you can start over with help from God. The choice is yours. You may think there is no hope but Jesus saves! Regrets will hold you back. Come to God for help, find a church and plug yourself into it, talk to your pastor and family.

Jesus will take that anchor and throw it away. Be honest with yourself, do not deceive yourself into a lie. Once your honest with yourself, give your burden over to God. Once that anchor is cut loose, you will only propel forward.

God verses our gods

We live in such a rampant society filled with meaningless things that become an idol to us and distract us away from God and the things he has planned for us. Everywhere we go we are blasted with our most favorite interests; either it be football; baseball; or the new album by our most favorite bands. How often will we miss church and worship time with God just to see the Detroit lions lose once again (sorry Detroit fans haha). How often will we not attend midweek service because it is too cold out or our favorite show is on. How often will I stay up playing that new video game when God is telling me to spend time with him. How often will you or I spend 20 dollars for that extra bottle of wine but not pay the tab of the seemingly poorer person in line behind us who is fumbling through their last penny. 

Anything that we decide to serve or do over the will and love of God is serving another god; our own selfish desires. We are the body of Christ; the church. Each member of the church or us, the people have different roles to play. Some of us are called to be the arms of Christ to reach out to the poor and homeless while others are called to teach and others to heal. Why are the homeless not being helped to the capacity that they should be? Why do we have sick in the streets and why are small amount of christians; dare I say it;  illiterate in the knowledge of Gods word- the bible. Why is no one teaching the word of God anymore? Of course these questions are rhetorical but, the point remains. 

Now, I do not want to sound like a downer; many of us are serving God in the greatest capacity that we can. What I am simply trying to say or do is to bring attention to serving Gods will above what our desires are. Maybe the lions will be super bowl champions; maybe not; but do not let football or whatever society feeds us distract us from the will of God and become idols within our own lives. God is great and magnificent and deserves to be praised in all areas of our life; in the grocery store, watching the lions lose and not swearing at the television and also in our churches, God alone needs to glorified. 


Sincerely I do hope the lions win because I’m from Michigan



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