Prayer Request

If you need prayer for anything in your life please post your prayer request in the comments and I will pray for you in my reply! Also with posting your prayer request in the comments, it allows others to see your request and pray for you as well.


If you feel more comfortable with asking for prayer in a private format, email me


2 thoughts on “Prayer Request”

  1. “Please PRAY For My Mother-in-Law Catriona Birnie in Key Largo, FL. She is suffering from a form of skin cancer. (Thank You in Advance for all of Your Prayers!) “LORD Please Heal completely my Mother-in-Law, Catriona Birnie, she is such a good, and kind Lady. Please Heal her from this terrible disease of cancer, in JESUS’ YESHUA-Messiah’s Mighty-Name, —Amen! “

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    1. Dear Jesus , thank you for Matthew and I pray for his mother in law. I pray that you heal her and that she comes to you in this time for peace. God you are healer and I pray in your name that if it be your will that she is to be healed , that it will be done. I also pray that she comes to you in this trial of hers. I pray for peace for Matthew as well Lord that you provide him with peace that surpasses all understanding and that you God are in control of all things. In Jesus name I pray , amen.


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