I have an oil for that!

Essential oils are trending right now and there is a reason to that. They simply work and help your overall health. A lot of people tell me they are not feeling good; their stomach is hurting or they have a headache or are feeling stressed out. Well, guess what? I have an oil for that! I have an Essential oil to help mitigate your issues and make you feel better from your stomach problem or a headache or stress, and it is not from a pill, it is from a healthy and organic Essential oil.

Whenever I have a headache my go to fix is peppermint Essential oil. The cooling sensation just takes away my headache. It also smells really good and tastes great in water! It’ll even freshen up your breath for your big date. I will also diffuse it in my room to relax my tired muscles after a long day at work. When I apply it to my body topically, at most I will use two drops and put it on the back of my neck and the temples of my head. goodbye Tylenol and hello healthy living!

What about that nasty stomach ache? Well take some DiGize Essential oil and apply it to your stomach and it will help ease your stomach pains. DiGiz is a mix of several different oils and it helps with stomach problems.

What about when your feeling stressed out? You can use Stress Away oil from Young Living which mixes several oils for a nice vanilla smell to ease your stress away. I will always diffuse this in my diffuser and add a drop of lemon as well and it calms my nerves down. Another good oil is Lavender as well.

So which brand of Essential oils do I use anyway? The only brand I trust to be 100 percent real and pure to help me live healthy is Young Living. I urge anyone to use oils over pills any day as we have a dependency on drugs and not what God has put on this earth to help us.

If you are interested in using oils please contact me at 8106834224 or drop a comment and I will be in touch with you. I am in this to help you live healthily and I highly encourage you to try oils as they do work. Everyone around me and all my friends and myself have been using oils and from personal experience, these work and are great alternatives for health benefits. A starter kit gives you all the oils you need to start off living healthy plus a wonderful diffuser and I would love to help you live healthily.

Since Essential oils are not considered a drug, these statements have not been reviewed or approved by FDA.

Author: Jessee carter

As a Christian called to ministry and helping others in Christ, I plan to use my site to empower the church and write on Christian living. I have been serving the Lord for 7 years and was saved by Jesus when I was in the deepest pits. My heart and desire is to lead others to Christ in my thoughts, words and actions and this corner of the web is one way for me to do it.

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