The end of myself was the beginning of my adventure which I call life

Thought I had life figured out, salvation and happiness to an eternal life in hevean and boy was I wrong. Ephesians 2:8 says different and it only took for me to hit my bottom to figure this out. No matter what I did it never seemed to fulfill an endless void in my life that I deeply desired to be filled. Night after night I went to bed feeling hopeless; helpless and lost. Depression soon ensued and snared me and I shouldn’t have to go in detail with what followed as it seems to be popular now a days; fill in the blank. I hid it from my family and it is a past that haunts me in my darkest of dreams. I have come to the end of myself and after chasing a million things, I hit my knees and I cried out to Jesus; the great I am! I told God that I was done living in my shame and that I give my life to him. This was roughly 6 years ago and following God was the best choice I could have made. When I came to the end of myself was when I started my true adventure in life; A walk with Jesus. I can only pray that other will come to Jesus and cast their cares on him. With Jesus I find Joy and happiness, even the trials my mind is still at peace that I am a child of the one true king.



As you teach others about Jesus it is not only a blessing to those that you teach but to yourself as well. It has been a great blessing to teach kids at church about God. There is nothing more important in this life then serving Jesus and putting him first. As I teach the kids at church I learn so much about God just as they do. Go therefore and make disciples is the great commission; how can they call on the one whom they have not heard of?